The Best European Fabric Supplier For Your Mattresses

With more than 50 years of experience, Chemitex offers you the best quality fabric on the market at a competitive price.

Trusted by hundreds of clients, Chemitex has been nominated with all majors brands! From fashion to bedding industry.

Chemitex Offers A Seamless Service

From textile creation to storage and delivery, Chemitex offers a seamless service designed to make your life easier.

We store for you
Chemitex has 6 warehouses spread across Europe to store your product for up to 4 months.

We deliver when you need it
You order it, we get it over to you as fast as possible. With the power of multiple warehouses and logistics centers, we provide a highly efficient service.

Keep your stock off-balance sheet
With large warehouses all over Europe, we offer off balance-sheet stock storage. Your order stays at the Chemitex warehouse until you’re ready to use it.

High quality, guaranteed
Every single part of the Chemitex supply chain is held to the highest European standards, ensuring high-quality goods, consistently.

Ecological certification
Chemitex has multiple ecological certifications, ensuring that we respect the environment and its natural resources.

Tailor-made product development
Our internal development team will liaise with your business to create fabrics that address your every need.

Get in touch with Chemitex

We'll get back to you and set up a call in order to discuss your mattress fabric needs.


Why Work With Chemitex


  • No prepayment required
  • No storage fee
  • Extended payment terms
  • Off balance sheet stocks

  • Free 4 month storage
  • Delivery at requested date
  • 6 warehouses in europe

  • In-house quality control team
  • Sample approval before shipment
  • Ecological certification
  • Chemitex is Known For Its Outstanding Service

    With over 50 years of experience in the yarn and fabric industry, the Chemitex bedding department is one perfectly specialized part of a high-performing, global company.